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Wolf Tobin is one of the main characters in The Great North. He is the son of Beef Tobin, the oldest of the Tobin siblings, and the husband of Honeybee Shaw.


Wolf is a man with pale skin, red hair, and a handlebar mustache. He wears blue jeans, brown boots, and a dark green shirt with a brown and blue stripe. When he's outside, he wears a yellow coat lined with brown fur.


Wolf is cheerful and optimistic. He tries to take care of his family.


Love Interests[]

Honeybee Shaw[]

Wolf is a loving husband towards his wife. They have a shared passion for movies and do whatever they can to make the other happy, going so far as to spend his six month anniversary trading various objects with the residents of Lone Moose to get a motorcycle seat to fly to Anchorage to trade it for avocados to make guacamole in “Avocado Barter Adventure”.


Beef Tobin[]

Wolf greatly admires his father and is desperate to be seen as an equal to him. He does anything he can that he thinks will boost his image to that of his father's, such as undergoing a strict training regiment in order to win a contest during the Feast of Not People in “Feast of Not People Adventure”.

Kathleen Tobin[]

Like all his siblings, Wolf has a negative opinion of his mother and is glad she walked out on them.

Ham Tobin[]

As with all his siblings, Wolf and Ham have a close relationship.

Judy Tobin[]

As with all his siblings, Wolf has a close relationship with his only sister. He was encouraging of her plan to help their father get back into dating.

Moon Tobin[]

As with all his siblings, Wolf and Moon have a close relationship. He listened to his advice on bartering in order to get avocados for Honeybee, in “Avocado Barter Adventure”.


  • He is one of the two Tobin counterparts of Gene Belcher from Bob's Burgers as they are both the sons of their respective families, the other being Ham Tobin.
  • He may be slightly lactose intolerant. In Avocado Barter Adventure, he mentioned having diarrhea in a grocery store bathroom due to eating too many ice cream sundaes.
  • Wolf's teeth are only visible on three occasions: In the wedding scene of Sexi Moose Adventure, as an animation mistake in Curl Interrupted Adventure when he says "The sport that shall not be named", and in Avocado Barter Adventure when he asks to speak with Honeybee in private.