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Tusk Johnson is a wilderness survival expert and the former the star of the Alaska Public Access show The Alaskan Adventures of Tusk Johnson, Mountain Man. He is voiced by actor JK Simmons.


Tusk is a middle aged man with mid-length brown and gray hair. He wears a light green t-shirt under a dark green button up shirt, a brown jacket with wool lapels, green pants and brown boots.

Background and Personality[]

Despite his on screen persona as a rugged, heroic mountain man who, according to Beef Tobin, is unmatched in the “Alaskan arts”, Tusk is an uncouth, dishonest, manipulative alcoholic who uses others to his advantage and engages in unethical and illegal behavior. He was the star of the Alaska Public Access show The Alaskan Adventures of Tusk Johnson, Mountain Man for several seasons. He had a sidekick named Dan who Tusk claimed betrayed him by stealing his crew and producer for his own show and having an affair with his wife who Tusk was in the process of divorcing (Beef and Wolf later decide that Dan is “definitely dead”).

Beef and Wolf Tobin first encounter Tusk when his boat, The Lucey Gucey, nearly collides with The Mighty Kathleen. As longtime fans of Tusk’s show, both are excited learn that Tusk is in Lone Moose and meet him at The Russian Restaurant. Tusk claims he’s back in Alaska to shoot a new version of his show himself. Tusk ends up staying with the Tobins after he claims his boat was towed after he parked it in the wrong spot and he’s out of money because his soon to be ex-wife spent his money shopping on

While Beef was initially thrilled to meet Tusk, he quickly begins to dislike him after his true personality emerges. Wolf also changes his opinion of Tusk after Tusk put Wolf’s life at risk trying to poach Golden Eagle eggs to sell on the rare animal black market.

In From Tusk Til Dawn Adventure, Tusk returns to Lone Moose and unexpectedly visits the Tobins. Tusk tells Beef and Wolf that he’s now sober having completed rehab and apologizes for his previous behavior. Wolf quickly accepts Tusk’s apology while Beef remains hesitant. Tusk also shares that he’s now engaged to Doris, his former drinking buddy, and she’s expecting the couple’s first child. He then asks Beef and Wolf to throw him a bachelor party on their boat, The Mighty Kathleen. Again, Wolf quickly agrees while Beef is suspicious of Tusk’s intentions.

It is later revealed that Tusk’s former sidekick Dan is still alive and did not betray Tusk. He shows up to Tusk’s bachelor party having just been released from prison for a crime he was framed for by Tusk.