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Moon Tobin is one of the main characters of The Great North. He's the youngest son of Beef Tobin, and the younger brother of Wolf, Ham, and Judy.


Moon is a ten-year-old boy who has fair skin and wears a bear costume and brown boots. Sometimes he wears a red coat when outside.


Moon is very brave and willing to take risks, such as jumping on a moose's back to save his family. He also has a caring side, seen in "Romantic Meat-Based Adventure", where he tries to teach a flightless ruffed grouse to fly again. In one attempt to do so, he jumps off a tree, further showcasing his brave side. The bird, who Moon named Timothy, is never seen again, and it is therefore unknown if Moon succeeded in teaching him to fly.



Beef Tobin[]

Moon is close with his father, having the same passion for the outdoors. He also sees himself as the bravest in the family after Beef as seen in “Sexi Moose Adventure”.

Kathleen Tobin[]

As with his siblings, Moon has a negative opinion of his mother and is glad she left.

Wolf Tobin[]

As with all his siblings, Moon is close to Wolf. He once spent the day bartering with his to get a motorcycle seat to barter for avocados in “Avocado Barter Adventure”.

Ham Tobin[]

As with all his siblings, Moon is close to Ham. He often reminds his brother the has already come out.

Judy Tobin[]

As with all his siblings, Moon is close to Judy.


Honeybee Shaw[]

Moon is close to his sister-in-law. However he does find her a bit of a chatterbox as seen in "Feast of Not People Adventure".


  • Moon drinks coffee.
  • He pretends to have face blindness.
  • Much like Louise Belcher in Bob's Burgers, his hair is hidden by an article of clothing, in his case the hood of his bear costume. Unlike Louise, his hair is actually shown in the series, the first instance of which being in "Pride & Prejudance Adventure".
  • It's possible that he was adopted, or maybe a foster child. Wolf and Ham inherited Beef's red hair, Judy inherited Kathleen's blond hair, but nobody else in the family has brown hair except his cousin, Becca.
  • He is the Tobin counterpart of Louise Belcher from Bob's Burgers as they are both the youngest child of their respective families. Additionally, regardless of their genders being different, both Moon and Louise wear animal-themed clothing to conceal their hair.