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Moon Tobin is one of the main characters of The Great North. He is the youngest son of Beef Tobin, and Beef’s estranged ex-wife Kathleen Tobin. He is the younger brother of Wolf, Ham, and Judy. Moon is voiced by Aparna Nancherla. In "Papa Don't Fiend", it's revealed that Moon's birthday is 9 months after Father's Day, placing it in March.


Moon is a ten-year-old boy who has fair skin and dark brown hair styled in a Dutch boy haircut with a pronounced cowlick at the top. He typically wears a bear onesie with a hood that covers his hair and brown boots. When out of doors, he wears a red coat with navy blue buttons and trimming.

On special occasions, Moon wears an orange button up shirt, a beige blazer, dark blue pants with a brown belt and beige dress shoes.


While Moon is only ten years old, he displays mature behavior and has impeccable manners. He regularly drinks coffee and can often be seen reading the newspaper. He and older brother Wolf are one of the few people to regularly read the “Lone Moose Mischief Report“. Moon is especially close to his father Beef but also considers Wolf to be father figure. He is a bright student but finds math difficult. Moon enjoys the outdoors, animals and survivalism. He is an avid Bigfoot believer and is known to set traps in attempt to catch the mythical creature. Moon regularly keeps a perimeter watch around the Tobin home and has a color coded, emergency binder containing detailed responses in cases of emergencies.

Moon is known to be brave and is willing to take risks such as jumping on an aggressive moose's back to save his family. He also climbed into the Lone Moose School air vents to get help when the kids think the school is being overrun with lumber zombies. He also has a caring side, as seen in "Romantic Meat-Based Adventure", where he attempts to teach a flightless ruffed grouse, who he insists is named Timothy, to fly. In one attempt to do so, he jumps from a tree breaking his arm. Moon plays the guitar but knows only two songs: “Time of Your Life” by Green Day and “Round and Round” by Ratt. He also enjoys dancing, particularly The Worm.

While Moon often acts wise beyond his years, he still exhibits normal child behavior. He admits to still playing with toys and dolls though he keeps this secret from his friends. He never misses tuck in time with Beef and still enjoys being told bedtime stories.

Moon is generally kind and honest but is a known to occasionally display unethical behavior. He is a well known cheater during family game night. Although he always vows to “change his cheating ways”, he never does. He also claims to have face blindness which he cites as the reason for not remembering Wolf’s ex girlfriend Lara Silverblatt who was also his babysitter. In “Dances with Wolfs Adventure”, Wolf discovers that Moon has been pretending to go to weekend recorder practice when he’s actually been attending a support group for children of divorce. Moon admits that he has no real issue with his parent’s divorce, but attends because the group serves ice cream sundaes. He asks Wolf to keep his secret so he can get sundaes from the group in addition to the sundaes he gets at home.



Beef Tobin[]

Moon is close with his father Beef as both have a passion for the outdoors, have generally serious demeanors and are dedicated to their hobbies. Moon considers his birthday to be a “hell of a day” because Beef crossed an ice plain during a blizzard to return a baby caribou to its mother after it wandered into the hospital where Moon was being born. As seen in “Sexi Moose Adventure”, Moon considers himself to be the bravest Tobin after Beef.

Kathleen Tobin[]

Like his siblings, Moon has a generally negative opinion of his estranged mother Kathleen who was neglectful and crass. He has said that the Tobins are much happier after she left the family.

Wolf Tobin[]

Moon has close relationship with Wolf and considers him to be a father figure. While Wolf is much older, Moon is far more sensible and often gives Wolf useful advice which he happily appreciates. In “Avocado Barter Adventure”, Moon spends the day with Wolf as he attempts to barter various objects to get to avocados for his then-fiancée Honeybee Shaw. In “Dances with Wolfs Adventure”, Moon helps Wolf realize he’s not to blame for their parent’s divorce after Wolf becomes convinced that their mother Kathleen met Marcus, the man she had an affair and eventually ran off with, at his dance recital years earlier. Moon assures Wolf that he’s not to blame (as does Marcus’ ex-wife who runs Wolf’s old dance school) and encourages him to finally complete his dance routine to Cher’s “Believe” which Moon sings.

Ham Tobin[]

Moon and Ham share a unique bond as Ham and Judy primarily cared for Moon when he was baby after their mother Kathleen showed no interest in taking care of him. Before Wolf moved into the guest house with Honeybee, Moon and Ham shared a bedroom and often played games such as “Overworked Cashier and Surly Customer” and “Monster Brothers” (wherein Ham and Moon dress in their mother’s old fur coats and run around scaring people).

Judy Tobin[]

Moon also has a unique bond with his sister Judy. Judy and Ham took care of Moon as a baby. Judy and Ham would often tell Moon bedtime stories and would sing “Bette Davis Eyes” to him when he was scared calling it his “super-brave boy nighty-night song”. In “The Yawn of the Dead Adventure”, Moon becomes frustrated after Judy and Ham refuse to recognize that he’s no longer a little kid who is easily scared. Judy and Ham eventually accept that Moon has matured and promise to treat him more like an adult. Moon relents and tells them he still needs them to occasionally to tell him “grown up and mature” bedtime stories about dinosaurs.

Honeybee Shaw[]

Like the rest of the Tobin family, Moon loves and admires his sister-in-law Honeybee. While the two get along well, Moon becomes somewhat impatient with her when she won’t stop talking when tries to teach her how to play a corpse in "Feast of Not People Adventure". Honeybee is fond of Moon and considers him her “littlest bro”. She is often impressed by Moon’s dedication to his hobbies calling him “little Daniel Dead Lewis” when he refused to break character while portraying a corpse. In “You've Got Math Adventure”, Moon confides to Honeybee that he’s embarrassed because he’s failing math, a fact that he’s kept hidden from his family. Moon then begins to believe Beef is not his real father because he is the only Tobin who is bad at math. Honeybee persuades Moon to let her tutor him for his upcoming math makeup test on the condition that she help him find his real father. Honeybee helps Moon to realize that Beef is in fact his father and gives him confidence to pass his makeup test.