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Jerry Shaw is Honeybee's brother, also from Fresno, California. He is a fursuiter.

Jerry is shown to look up to his sister greatly, following in her footsteps in multiple aspects and often to his own detriment. This pattern lead him to move to Alaska. They have a close relationship.

Jerry finds meaning in people laugh and smile, which brought him to his job of playing Bigfoot at parties and events. He has said he "loves costumes" which could imply he has worn other mascot suits we have not seen.

He describes himself as shy and is shown to be quiet and observant. He has said he spends his free time playing computer games with online friends. He recommended an unnamed fishing video game to Beef. He seems to not appreciate excess, Honeybee having mentioned he owns very little.

He and Alyson have a budding friendship rooted somewhat in their mutual experience of losing loved ones to long distance.

Jerry has mentioned his best friend back home, who he calls "Kooky Kelly".

His parents have been shown to call him 'Jerrybee'.