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Honeybee Shaw-Tobin[1] (born Honeybee Shaw) is a main character of The Great North and the wife of Wolf Tobin.



Honeybee is originally from Fresno, California. She met Wolf online and moved up to Alaska. As of the start of the series, she's been staying with the Tobins for a few months. Honeybee has an associates degree from her community college in Fresno.

In Fresno her neighbor's name was Denise.


Honeybee is a young black woman with an afro and a pink flower in her hair. She wears a pink vest over a lavender long-sleeved shirt, purple pants, gold hoops, and gray fur boots.


Honeybee is a caring, enthusiastic woman with a love of movies and an entrepreneurial spirit. In spite of her being an incredibly recent addition to the Tobin household, she already seems to fit naturally into their eccentric family's dynamic.

She's notably excitable, albeit more level-headed than Judy. She also tends to be a bit of a chatterbox, rambling about her thoughts and ideas at any given moment.

She loves big romantic gestures, as established in Avocado Barter Adventure when Wolf spent the day following a long and complicated barter chain to get her avocados for their six-month anniversary.

She loves her family back in Fresno, but felt limited by her parents wishes for her career. She and her close friend, Calvin Prescott (The Linoleum Prince of Fresno), were raised with the expectation they'd be married; likely to facilitate more productive relations between their family businesses. His resignment to this plan and resulting proposal was what pushed to her move in with the Tobins.

Her brother Jerry has been shown to look up to her greatly and follow in her footsteps, often to his own detriment. They have a close relationship.

She doesn't enjoy math, confessing to Moon that she lied about needing her tonsils (and later her appendix) out multiple times to avoid having to take Algebra.

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