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Honeybee Shaw is a main character of The Great North and the wife of Wolf Tobin.


Honeybee is originally from Fresno, California. She met Wolf online and moved up to Alaska. As of the start of the series, she's been staying with the Tobins for a few months. Honeybee has an associates degree from her community college in Fresno.


Honeybee is a young Black woman with an afro. She wears a pink vest over a white shirt, purple pants, and gray boots.


Honeybee is a caring, enthusiastic woman with a love of movies and an entrepreneurial spirit. In spite of her being an incredibly recent addition to the Tobin household, she already seems to fit naturally into their eccentric family's dynamic.

She's notably excitable, albeit more level-headed than Judy. She also tends to be a bit of a chatterbox, rambling about her thoughts and ideas at any given moment.

She loves big romantic gestures, as established in Avocado Barter Adventure when Wolf spent the day following a long-winded barter chain to get her avocados for their six month anniversary.


  • She is the only main cast member who doesn't have a Belcher counterpart. This is because regardless of her being accepted as a family member, she isn't an official Tobin in general. Therefore, she is not the Great North counterpart of Linda Belcher from Bob's Burgers; Kathleen is.