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Ham Tobin is one of the main characters of The Great North and one of the sons of Beef Tobin. His older brother is Wolf, his younger brother is Moon, and his younger "Alaskan twin" sister is Judy.


Ham is a teenager with pale skin and shoulder-length red hair and a patchy mustache. He wears a green coat over an orange shirt with white sleeves, blue jeans, and black high-tops.


Ham is absent-minded and forgetful, often doing things repeatedly after being told not to shortly beforehand. He is a very positive person who loves to be involved with his family. He has a very strong bond with his sister Judy. Ham is an excellent baker, as seen in "Feast of Not People Adventure." He is openly gay.


Love Interests

Crispin Cienfuegos

After meeting Crispin picking Judy up from work, the two felt an immediate attraction, but he rebuffed Crispin's advances due to Judy having a crush on him. They kissed at the school dance, but he rejected him after his sister saw them. After Judy uninvited Crispin and Ham re-invited him, they happily danced together.


Beef Tobin

Ham is close with his father. He, Beef, and Judy often plan parties, albeit with his sister doing the bulk of the work and them just being told where to put the decorations.

Kathleen Tobin

Like all his siblings, Ham has a negative opinion of his mother and is glad she walked out on them.

Wolf Tobin

As with all his siblings, Wolf and Ham are close. He happily agreed to help him operate a sunset cruise in “Curl Interrupted Adventure”. During Wolf and Honeybee's wedding, He, Judy, and Crispin performed a piece for them.

Judy Tobin

Out of all his siblings, Ham is the closest to his younger sister. They dub themselves “Alaskan twins”. They have a very complicated secret handshake.

Moon Tobin

As with all his siblings, Ham is close to Moon. They used to share a room and play a game together called "Monster Brothers".


Honeybee Shaw

Ham is warm towards his sister-in-law.


  • In "Sexi Moose Adventure", he came out as gay to his family, but they say that he has already come out to them many times before and they already accepted him.
  • He's nine months older than Judy.
  • As seen in "Feast of Not People Adventure," he has a junior driver's license.


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