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"Feast of Not People Adventure" is the second episode in Season 1 of The Great North.


Judy Tobin is worried that she and Ham Tobin are growing apart when she discovers he's been keeping a secret from her. The rest of the family participates in a town festival.

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Ham becomes angsty when Judy explains to Honeybee about the Feast of Not People cake lady. At school, Judy offers her lucky pencil to Ham for his math quiz. But Ham tells Judy she won’t see Ham at lunch, because he wants to be alone. At the dinner table, Ham continues to be secretive around Judy. But when he accidentally turns on the TV, the local newscast is about to reveal the tasting of the new cake. When Ham starts to panic because of this, he finally reveals his secret, that he’s the new cake lady.

Ham reveals that he found the last cake lady’s order and he thought he could do one. But he reveals that it’s too hard. At work, Judy’s nervous to the point where she has been sipping her empty smoothie, according to her boss, for 17 minutes. Alyson tells Judy that Ham is growing up and has his own thing going on, and that Judy should just let him be. On the roof, Alanis tells Judy that she hates letting things go, and that she shouldn’t let him go because Ham might need the encouragement. When Judy goes to Ham’s room in the morning, he leaves a note, saying that he went to the town to let them know he failed them as the cake lady.

At the Feast of Not People Festival, Judy stops Ham right before he’s about to turn in his whisk. And she wants to help him. He agrees to let her help him. His first task is to go out into the cold without a shirt so he knows what it is like to “be an early settler.”

For the Daver Dash game, Wolf wants to be partners with Beef since his partner isn’t here this year. Beef agrees, but Wolf accidentally puts on his high-tech gloves wrong, causing them to be stuck to his hands. After taking them out, this leaves his hands all blistered and swolen. The night before the Daver Dash game, Moon teaches Honeybee to meditate to prepare. Turns out that he’s a pretty damn good meditator, as Honeybee is unable to lie there for that long. When Wolf and Beef make it to Honeybee and Moon, Wolf is worried that he has let his dad down, but Beef ends up being proud of Wolf because despite him crying, he hasn’t given up.

While driving to the Festival to deliver the Feast cake, the car breaks down. Wolf and Beef overhear their cries for help. To help Ham and Judy, they decide to give up the game and prepare for next year since they were so behind anyways. At the festival, Ham reveals his Feast cake, which is designed as a person. The townspeople are in awe, so Ham tells them that the best thing they can do with their fears is to face them. He cuts the first slice of cake and the townspeople love the cake.

While about to talk with Alanis that night, Ham pops in to thank Judy for her help. They do their very long secret handshake.

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