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Crispin Cienfuegos is a character in The Great North.


Crispin is a teenager of Latin American descent with black hair cut shorter on left and longer on the right.

He wears a red unzipped sweatshirt, a solid black t-shirt, and blue jeans. When outside he wears a burgundy aviators jacket.


Crispin is rather absent-minded and doesn’t remember other's names, sometimes referring to Judy as "Jody" or "Rudy". When he is with someone he likes, he goes out of his way to be attentive to them.


  • Crispin is originally from Cedar Falls, Michigan before moving to Lone Moose, Alaska.
  • In episode 6, "Pride & Prejudance Adventure", it is revealed that Crispin is gay. He has a mutual attraction to Ham.
  • In Spanish, "Cienfuegos" means "One hundred fires".
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