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Beef Tobin is the main protagonist of The Great North. He is the patriarch of the Tobin family and the father of Wolf, Ham, Judy, and Moon.


Beef is a man with red hair and a beard. He wears a red plaid coat, blue jeans, and brown boots. When inside he wears a white henley shirt.


Beef is a man of tradition and family. He goes into a state of depression whenever his vision is thrown off or someone tries to change it {ie. Judy getting a job, Wolf and Honeybee moving into the guest cabin, someone telling him his wife Kathleen left him and their children for a man in Pennsylvania}.


Love Interests[]

Kathleen Tobin[]

Beef was devoted to his ex-wife, despite her walking out on him and their children. He would tell himself she was killed by a bear when out buying medicine for a children’s hospital. He would maintain the lie until their daughter turned sixteen.


Wolf Tobin[]

As with all his children, Beef is close to his oldest son. He is reassuring with him, such as giving Wolf a small pep talk during the Feast of Not People Festival.

Ham Tobin[]

As with all his children, Beef is close to Ham. They often plan parties together, albeit with Judy doing most of the work, and tend to go into great detail with what they think they are planing.

Judy Tobin[]

As well all his children, Beef is close to his only daughter. They give each other pep talks, such as Judy telling him her mother is never coming back and Beef telling her not to be scared of kissing after one bad experience.

Moon Tobin[]

As with all his children, Beef is close to his youngest son. They comfortably talk to one another during meals and share a love for the outdoors.


Honeybee Shaw[]

Beef is accepting of Honey as a member of his family and wife for his eldest son.


  • Beef enjoys fishing and owns a boat, The Mighty Kathleen, named for his ex-wife.
  • He is the Tobin counterpart of Bob Belcher from Bob's Burgers as they are both the fathers of their respective families.