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"Avocado Barter Adventure" is the third episode in Season 1 of The Great North.


Wolf tries to find the perfect six-month anniversary gift for Honeybee. Meanwhile, Judy interviews Honeybee for the school newspaper and learns about her thrilling early years in Fresno.

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Wolf and Honeybee are about to celebrate their six-month anniversary, so the Tobin family all share their dreams. Earlier at the table, Honeybee shared her dreams about guacamole, so Wolf decides to get her some avocados, as he thinks his couple massage certificates aren’t a good enough gift. The problem is there is a lack of avocados in Alaska due to the cold weather. He goes down to the docks to trade his couples massage coupons for some avocados, but he isn’t able to get any avocados, only pears. Moon pays a visit to his friend, whose mother who has connections with someone who has avocados in Anchorage.

The problem, he wants a motorcycle seat for them that Wolf doesn’t have. From there their adventure begins. They trade the pear to Judy’s boss Alyson for some wigs. Then they trade the wigs for bait, which they then use to catch a fish. They then trade the fish for a sign. The sign is traded for some magazines, which is traded for an old chair. The chair is traded for a defibrillator which is then traded for the seat. But they need to fly to Anchorage. Luckily Wolf’s ex-girlfriend Lara Silverblatt, who just got her pilot’s license arrives on the docks. On the flight, his ex-girlfriend tells him that he likes to do crazy stuff like this to prove something to himself rather than what his partner wants. In Anchorage, Wolf trades the seat for avocados, but they went bad.

Beef and Ham are setting up Honeybee and Wolf’s anniversary party based around Shrek, but Ham thinks they can’t do it without Judy, since she is the one who is the true party expert, and since she went to interview Honeybee. Beef reassures him that they can do it without her. They first try to watch the movie, but the wi-fi is out. So they just make it up as they go.

Judy decides to interview Honeybee for the school newspaper as she is a new resident of Lone Moose. Honeybee starts her story by telling Judy about her hometown in Fresno and why she moved up to Alaska. Her parents wanted her to take over their store when they retire, but she had no interest in it. Her dad tells her that when he came to Fresno, he had nothing, and he was able to make a living off his passions, so she should be able to follow her own dreams. Honeybee’s mother then sets her up on a date with Calvin, a boy she doesn’t have any interest in.

On their “date”, Calvin says that he’s not interested in her either. Honeybee then tells Judy she met Wolf on a forum site about famous movie quotes. From there, everything was perfect, as a montage is shown of her texting Wolf constantly. One day, while working at her parents’ store, Calvin comes in to propose. He changed his mind and now thinks that they should spend the rest of their lives together. This is when Honeybee decides to move to Alaska. Her parents are worried, but they ultimately support her decision. Honeybee decides to meet Wolf at a coffeehouse where Terry dies in the Final Destination film and as soon as they pulled up together, they knew they were meant for each other.

Wolf apologizes for not getting Honeybee a great gift, but she loves him no matter what and she loves his romantic gesture and all the trouble he went to get through to get the bad avocados. And Honeybee tells him they can use the bad avocado seeds to grow avocado trees. When they see the anniversary party the Tobin’s planned for them, they kiss under a bunch of fireworks.

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  • This episode, along with "Sexi Moose Adventure," "Romantic Meat-Based Adventure," and "Feast of Not People Adventure," was released in advance for media reviewers.[1]
  • Due to American Idol taking the schedule from 8-10pm, this episode was originally scheduled to air at 7:30pm on CityTV in Canada, but was pulled for a rerun of Mom.
  • Although the episode did not air on February 14, due to the Daytona 500 being delayed, it was still able for purchase on Google Play and iTunes for a limited time.
  • According to Fox, this is the "official" series premiere.



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