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Amelia is a student at Lone Moose School and a friend of Judy Tobin. She is the sole employee at Degigantico’s Pizza which is owned by her mother.


Amelia is a teenage girl of African American descent with a stocky build. She has short, black dread locks. She wears a red and dark pink trimmed hoodie over a light pink shirt, blue jeans, and black and white sneakers.


Before attending Lone Moose School, Amelia was homeschooled by her mother who did so as she didn’t want Amelia around “so many white kids”. However, she changed her stance after she attempted to teach Amelia trigonometric ratios and decided to enroll Amelia in public school.

Amelia is introduced in the episode “Skidmark Holmes Adventure” when she delivers two pizzas to the Tobin home during Judy’s murder mystery party. Judy recognizes Amelia as being fellow classmate. After the second pizza mysteriously disappears, Judy asks Amelia to stay at the party and investigate the mystery. Amelia readily agrees as she’s eager to spend time away from her mother whom she loves but annoys her.

After Amelia interrogates all of the party guests and solves the mystery, Judy’s other guests leave the party. Amelia then invites herself to join Judy and Kima’s sleepover. She admits that she invites herself to things owing to the fact that she has “no social skills” due to being homeschooled.

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